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Anti-Aging / Well-aging clinic in Kisarazu

Located near Kisarazu station (several minutes’ walk from it), 

Maple Kisarazu Clinic is the only one medical clinic targeting anti-aging in the south of Chiba prefecture.

We think of anti-aging as the way to live in good health and on our own.

We’d like to be your service provider of choice for your healthy and brighter life through-

intravenous α-Lipoic acid

intravenous VitC therapy (12.5g only)

➂Placenta injection (Melsmon only)   \1.000-/A

medication of ED/PE/AGA/Female thinning hair

     ED =Erectile Dysfunction

   PE =Premature Ejaculation

      AGA =Androgenetic Alopecia

Emergency Pills (NorLevo)

Movement of Menstruation Date

Sorry, we’re open only
  PM 2 - 7
of Friday & Sunday.

Feel free to visit our clinic while we're open
   ‘cause there’s few patients now.
   No need to make an appointment.

We have lots of time to talk!

   Thanks.  (^.^)

        Koichi Ogura,MD

We're open from 2-7 pm
through Thurseday to Sunday
(including national holidays).