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What we do now

Maple Kisarazu Clinic

What we do now

medical expenses not covered by insurance

We are targeting-


(2)making our life brighter & healthier



Intravenous therapy(IV) for Anti-Aging

IV takes 30 ~ 40 minutes.

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA)

ALA is among Vitamin B group. It helps produce energy. As an antioxidant, ALA protects our cells from harmful free radicals, which means -


recovery from physical exhaustion

protection against cancer & lifestyle diseases

protection against brain diseases (e.g. dementia)

staying energetic and youthful     =Anti-Aging

Highly concentrated Vitamin C infusion

 Effects on anti-aging

Whitening effect

Active oxygen removal

➂ Moisturizing effect

④ Fatigue-recovering effect

➄ Improving immunity

Please make an appointment over telephone
(or come talk to us) during
office hours.

Vitamin Injection for energy or anti-aging

No need to make appointments. Please come here during office hours. We won’t make you wait so long. Injection takes around 10 minutes.

Injection for Whitening

also effective for hangover, common cold, hair growth

Injection for Whitening

also effective for hay fever & well-aging

①+② short IV

For well-aging, also effective for common cold, having fever & hay fever

Red/Yellow/Black Vitamin injection

Fatigue-recovering effect

Placenta Injection

  We need your Informed Consent.
  Let me explain.


The first-visit fee      \1.000-

Alpha lipoic acid(ALA)
           150㎎   \8.000-
           200㎎   \10.000-、 
           300㎎   \13,000-

150㎎→200㎎→300, step by step

Vitamin C infusion 12.5ℊ \10.000-

● Injection for Whitening ① Shiratama  \3.000-

Injection for Whitening ② Cinderella   \3.500-                            

       ①+② short IV          \4.000-

●Vitamin(Energy) Injection("ninnniku" in Japanese)

Red Vit Injectionmild, no smell)   \2.000-

Yellow Vit Injectionimmediate)   \2.500-

Black Vit Injectionimmediate & strong\3.000-

Placenta Injection       \1.000-


making our life brighter & healthier

Female thinning hair

Hair loss treatmentPantostin) \5.700-month

Hair growthRogaineMinoxidil tablet


“Basic set””Premier set” for 3 months is recommended

Emergency Pill (Norlevo)                      
                \16.000 ~ 10.600-

Period Control (movement of period)     

male AGA Treatment

Minoxidil tablet 5     \6.000-month

Dutasteride (=Zagaro)   \6.500-month

-select””-select” for 3 months is recommended

●ED treatment (e.g. Cialis)   \1.1001.800-

●PE treatment (Poxet)    \1.500-

Maple Kisarazu Clinic

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